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SINCE 2001

CELLERA develops successful authority-building strategies, offering services such as press relations and content marketing that generate value for legal marketing strategies, financial and capital markets services, and startups, from technology for the energy sector to biotechs and fintechs.

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Ana Costa

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Journalist, PhD in Communication from PUC-Rio and master in Media from UFF. She worked at FSB Comunicação, at Jornal do Brasil and developed several projects in organizational communication, having been awarded with an Aberje Award. She has more than 20 years of experience in managing authority building and press relations strategies.


Cesar de Lima e Silva

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Journalist with a postgraduate degree in History. He worked at FSB Comunicação and Folha de S.Paulo. Winner of the 2008 Apimec Award - Press Professional, he was a member of the ACRJ Legal Affairs Council. He has over 20 years of experience in brand publishing and in the design of owned media.


mentoring of speakers

Training to generate authority, including media training for press relations and presentation to target media with creative “approach actions"


Tenha os porta-vozes da sua organização reconhecidos como uma autoridade nas áreas em que atuam a partir da gestão de redes sociais, com copywritingghostwriting


Invest in Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook Ads campaigns, including to boost content and generate immediate results before the organic traffic


Have everything for Digital Marketing, from design and editorial calendar, through content production, to editing and sending newsletters and CRM

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Open Workspace


"Big brands are like newspapers and magazines, they need an editor in chief"
Nizan Guanaes

Sergio Fontes, former director of the National Observatory

"Recently appointed Director of ON, I was introduced by a friend to the Cellera partners and was soon on the covers of the two main economic newspapers in Brazil, Valor and the now extinct Gazeta Mercantil. The Cellera team has always demonstrated in-depth knowledge of our activities. We are responsible for measuring the official time in Brazil and for several projects in the areas of geophysics and astronomy. With less than two years of work, ON became a record holder in media exposure, among all MCTI institutes."

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